VT-Zurich has been manufacturing the EURO-Rinser system for well over 40 years. Within the last few years, dozens of small manufacturers optimistically try to copy the EURO-Rinser system. However, our patents, which are essential for efficiency and quality, force them to choose questionable alternatives. We are not aware of any attempted EURO-Rinser copy achieving efficient results.

We  offer the respective owners of such machinery support and help. VT-Zurich converts these machines by installing original parts and systems to the maximum economically reasonable extent.

Machines converted by VT-Zurich generally perform up to 100% better than the original machine. We warranty our services thereafter for up to 5,000 production hours.

We regret to inform our potential customers that it is not physically possible to enhance a copied machine to complete EURO-Rinser standards.

We invite you to contact us if you have a non-VTZ machine and want increased performance.