Replace your several can rinsers

Replace your several can rinsers, serving different can sizes, with just one high-quality VT-Zurich OSFA Rinser Model!

Our Features

- One Size Fits All: Run all your can / bottle / jar sizes with different heights (but similar diameters) with absolutely no size-parts and changeover action whatsoever.
- Speed range: Up to... 80,000 CPH or 60,000 BPH (0.5 ltr. PET... etc.)
- Frequency controlled drive assures no container-to container contact within the rinser system.
- No more jammed / deformed cans.
- Can / Container opening totally unobstructed by riding strip, so foreign matter like mice (see below) cannot be trapped within the system.
- Perfect synchronization with the filling line.

Concentional (Non-VTZ) can rinser system ...

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