View of maschine infeed with 180° twist. Three mm gap between containers created electrically. No contact / pressure within containers.

Cleaning zones shown. Standard unit with water rinsing, followed by drain section. Up to four treatment zones possible.

Maschine discharge shown. Maschine upper-structure with MACROLON-cover sliding doors.

Rinser Maschine Lengts, approx.:
Can rinsing up to 1'000 CPM: 6'300 mm up to 2'000 CPM
Diary applications for sterilising, incl. 4 treatment zones (Log-4) 8'300 mm
Low-speed, economy rinser: 5'300 mm

Overall-view of EURO-Rinser type O.S.F.A. - Unit specially designed for hi-speed canning lines, with integrated lowerator.

Infeed-section shown of Rinser (Air-Cleaner). Containers are electrically spaced (3 mm) to avoid any contact / pressure

Spray section shown. Example-can rinsing, up to 2'000 CPM Typically also used for PET / glass bottles, jars

Rinser discharge with swing-arm control panel. Product-flow monitored by Rinser PLC. Pressure-free conveying