About Us

VT-Zurich® is the leading manufacturer of linear bottle and can rinsers.

EURO-Rinser® is a registered trademark licensed to VT-Zurich Ltd. The machinery is produced in Switzerland at Swiss quality standards and at affordable prices.

VT-Zurich® is proud to announce that under this name their company has produced a versatile range of specialized bottle and can rinsers, numbering in the hundreds, in almost every country across the globe.

VT-Zurich Ltd. reserves the privilege, through dozens of patents, to apply their technical innovations to the EURO-Rinser®. This prevents other manufacturers from legally competing with their exclusive quality.

VT-Zurich® is the only company worldwide that offers up to 20,000 hours of unlimited warranty on machinery they ship covering every single part. For this reason VT-Zurich Ltd. has its outstanding reputation for quality, and it drives to maintain its service levels accordingly.


Most of their specialized rinser are constructed as combination machines offering not only rinsing but also a host of other features. These typically include elevating, sterilizing, heating, etc. However, VT-Zurich Ltd. also has an established name as a supplier of specialized bottle and can elevators that work in conjunction with the highest speed ranges used in production lines. Applications include handling of freshly labelled bottles and unstable plastic containers.